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Browse some of our most commonly asked questions. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out and we'll do our very best to answer any questions you may have!

Is a Makeup And/Or Hair Trial Mandatory?

No, but it's HIGHLY recommended. When you find a photo you like, it's important to see how that look will translate to you. Making slight adjustments to your makeup or hairstyle allows us to design the perfect look for you! This also gives us a chance to see how the products work with your skin and hair.  Try to book your trial no later than 4 weeks before your wedding date. 

I’ve done other bridal makeup trials and HATED them. What makes First Blush Beauty different?

Unfortunately, a lot of makeup artists charge a hefty fee for a makeup trial and don’t really listen to what the bride wants, leaving them worried about how they’ll look on their wedding day. At First Blush Beauty, we don’t do your typical “makeup trial.”  Instead, we do a strategy session. We talk about your skin type, your skincare routine, your makeup likes and dislikes, your bridal inspiration, and more. We then do a bridal preview, where we take all of that into account to do a test run for your wedding day makeup, taking copious photos so when the wedding day comes we’re able to perfectly recreate it.

Are you able to do a Variety of Skin Tones And Ethnicities?

Absolutely! All of our makeup artists are professionally trained and have a makeup kit that can be used on every skin tone. We take this very seriously. We will never tell you to bring your own foundation. We got you covered!

May I Book A Trial Before Booking You For My Wedding Day?

Yes! However, booking a trial does not secure your wedding date. If another bride inquires about your date, you will receive a courtesy e-mail to notify you. A date is only secured with a retainer and signed agreement.

How Long Does A Bridal Trial Take?

It usually takes 2-3 hours for a makeup and hair preview. Timing also depends on the addition of hair extensions and other add-on's (airbrush makeup, decolletage contour and highlighting etc). Make sure to arrive to your bridal preview with a bare face and clean, blown dry hair. Removing makeup and drying hair can significantly cut into your appointment time. Feel free to bring any hair accessories/veil and wear a white shirt so you can see how your makeup looks when compared to your dress!

Can You Accommodate Large Bridal Bookings?

Yes! First Blush Beauty has a team of professional artists to help with large bridal parties (6+ services) It's best to inquire at least 6 months in advance. An assistant is not required for 6 or less services.  Additional artists are always subject to availability.

I Have A Deep/Fair/Olive Skin Tone, Will my foundation match?

Absolutely! We carry every foundation color you can imagine. No need to worry about our foundation matching your skin tone. We bring every color to every booking!

What If I Have Allergies to Cosmetics?

Please make us aware of any and all known allergies you may have to specific products, or cosmetic ingredients. For preferences, such as vegan products, please contact Leah.

How Do I Prep My Skin For Makeup?

Cleanse your entire face, neck and decollete the morning before your appointment. Refrain from exfoliating your face with sugar scrubs, and waxing or tweezing facial hair at least 1-2 days before your appointment. Reserve chemical peels, micro needling, or similar skin treatments  2-3 weeks in advance.

How Do I Prep My Hair For Styling?

Your hair should be clean, dry and product free. Please wash and blow dry your hair the day of your appointment. Damp, oily, or overly conditioned hair will not hold a curl properly. 

Are False Lashes An Extra Cost?

Nope! Complimentary custom false lashes are included in every makeup application. There is a charge for lashes if you did not book makeup services ($20).

How Long Does It Take To Do My Makeup?

It takes 30-45 minutes for a complete makeup application. Timing depends on your desired look. Usually a 45 minute block is held for each makeup service, some looks take up more time, and some take less.

How Long Does A Hairstyle Take?

Timing depends on the desired style and the addition of extensions or hairpieces. The length, density, and texture of your hair also determine the time of completion. Usually, a 45-minute block is held for each hair service, some styles take up more time, and some take less. 

Can You Also Put Accessories In My Hair?

Yes! We would be happy to help you with you hair accessories! we also carry gorgeous hair pieces in our studio.


Can You Accommodate Last Minute Makeup Applications Or Hairstyles  for a bridal party?

Yes! This can only be done once the contracted services have been completed. If the scheduled block of time does not allow for additional services, the start time may have to be pushed up. Start-times before 7:00 AM Arizona time are subject to an additional early start fee of $150 per artist.

Should I Tip My Artist?

If you would like to tip your artist it is greatly appreciated! 


I Want A Very "Natural" Look, Will It Be Cheaper?

It takes just as much time, product, and expertise to create a natural look that captures beautifully in real life and on camera. It's often more challenging to produce a flawless look with a natural glow than a dramatic one. Also, the term "natural" is very subjective. For this reason, the cost is the same for natural and dramatic looks.


What Products Do You Use?

We carry a variety of high-end luxury brands and pro brands including but not limited to Chanel, Stila, Viseart, Dior, Pat Mcgrath,  Nars and Hourglass.   If you have any questions regarding products, please contact us!

Can You Use My Own Makeup For The Application?

If you insist, but it's not recommended. Products we carry in our kits make the cut because they are the best and most effective products for the job. Certain products just don't work well together. We cannot guarantee the longevity or water resistance of your products and strongly advise against it. 

What if I cry my eyes out at the altar? Or if it’s 100 degrees and humid?   Our makeup applications last for hours and hours But we also offer on site touch ups as well! 

I’m having a destination wedding. Do you travel?  Absolutely! We can discuss this in more detail in a phone call or video chat. 

My fiance has a HUGE zit on the day of our wedding! Help! First Blush Beauty to the rescue! We even do touch-ups/skincare on grooms on the wedding day if needed.

Can You Recommend A Photographer or other vendors?

Yes! In fact we have an entire list of local vendors you can check out.

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