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Leah Cayzer headshot Scottsdale

So nice to meet you! 



While doing makeup in Austin in the late '90s, Leah met a boy and fell in love. He moved to Arizona and she followed. (She later dumped the boy and Scottsdale became home!)

Leah began doing makeup for advertising and TV commercials. While working with an art director, she asked Leah to do her wedding makeup. It was then Leah fell in love and realized how much she adored weddings!

First Blush Beauty was founded to serve brides who want to look like themselves on their wedding day.  Leah has been in the beauty industry over 20 years with a focus on bridal and editorial makeup artistry.

Her career started at a young age transforming friends for recitals and Halloween costume contests. 

Leah is best known for creating stunning, luminous makeup looks that have set her apart from other heavy-handed artists. Leah and her team specialize in flawless skin, and a  less is more approach to makeup for women of all ages.

Leah Cayzer

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