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Welcome to First Blush Beauty! We are excited to have you join our amazing team. Here are the expectations I have for you when representing First Blush Beauty.

You will be expected to represent First Blush Beauty with style,  grace, and professionalism. Please make sure not to self-promote your business for services we provide on any job or with any client affiliated with FBB. I work very hard to maintain a website, pay for ads, market my business, and nurture my clientele. 


Excellent makeup and hair skills are a given, but equally as important are:


 The ability to listen to and execute the client's desired look based on her preferences but also set expectations of what is achievable. Especially when it comes to skin and hair texture.

 Taking the client’s requests for changes into consideration and not taking it personally. Offer her your advice, but if she insists do it. In the end, the clients satisfaction is the most important factor. 



 You must have reliable transportation or be able to pay for an Uber/Lyft - Occasionally when there are multiple artists we can carpool but this isn’t always possible. 




Please have a high-end professional kit with high-end, luxury and pro brands. Little to no drugstore brands are preferred. I will send you a list of preferred products if you are unsure. 


 Excellent sanitation skills and awareness (including but not limited to):

 Using disposable mascara spoolies 

Having a set of brushes for each client. Cleaning brushes with a brush sanitizer between each client is unacceptable and takes up valuable time. Save the brush cleaning for when you get home. Trust me it’s easier! 

Wash your hands after you style the clients hair before you do makeup. You don’t want to rub hairspray and other products on the client's face. 



 I do not require you to wear all black, however, a professional appearance is very important! Think office casual. Even  jeans and a concert T can look professional if put together well.


I don't expect a full face of makeup but please do not show up looking like a hot mess with your hair under a ball cap. If you need clarity on what is acceptable please let me know, 


If I see one more artist show up in high-waisted mom jeans and a crop top I will lose my mind! 


Carry a lint roller if you have pets. No one wants to see you covered in animal hair. Please have hair groomed and light makeup done. Brush your teeth! And then brush them again! I think this is self-explanatory. 




If you are booking another wedding or client on the same day as I have booked you on a job, please allow ample time in between for driving and possible traffic delays, weather etc. This is to ensure that if, for any reason, the first appointment runs over that it does not affect the next booking negatively. For you or myself.


When you are booked for a wedding I prefer for you to stay the entire time to help your team and get photos and video if time allows.



Please respond to availability inquiries from First Blush Beauty as soon as possible. Know that I have likely reached out to multiple stylists and the first one to respond will be assigned the booking. Occasionally a stylist will be moved to another location if a bride requests that stylist or they are a better fit for the job. 



 I work with so many brides and artists; please make every effort to confirm receipt of all emails that I send you so that I can keep things organized on my end. 


All of the details that I have for the wedding date will be included in the Google invite and in the portal. You will have access to this information and will be able to upload photos and add notes if you are assigned to the bride and will be doing a preview.   If a start and end time is not there it is likely because I am waiting for the planner and photographer to decide when photos will start. I will add this information the second I confirm!  Generally, we will start in the morning and finish in the early afternoon for a wedding. 


Always arrive 20-30 minutes early to find parking, locate room if needed and get set up so you can begin services on time.


 I do not tolerate tardiness! It is unprofessional and disrespectful of the client's time. It will also cause you to run behind and have to rush which is super stressful and will not allow for your best work. Check google maps for road closures and traffic so you can take an alternate route if needed. 




You must take before and after photos of all clients that you do services for. If you don't take photos and someone complains, I have no proof. I can not defend your work if I can’t see what you did. It is also useful for any liability issues that may arise such as an allergic reaction. 


 You must take photos of your hair and makeup trials when assigned the bride so that we have a reference for the wedding day. Also, if there are any issues with the trial, we can look back to see what was done. Trials will be conducted in my studio. I do guarantee the trial for the bride. If she is not happy I will refund her money. She will have the choice of having me do her hair and makeup or choosing another artist. This can absolutely be avoided with clear communication with the bride and setting expectations for what is achievable. This has literally only happened 2 times in 10 years, so don't freak out! 


  I also think it is helpful to write down what skin prep was performed. I have paper forms for this, and you can also put them in your notes on the website. How was the texture of the skin? Any problem areas? Was she referred to one of our aestheticians for a facial? All brides should be encouraged to get a facial with a dermaplane before the wedding. We have a preferred vendor in Scottsdale we like to refer if you don't offer this service.


 Record all products used and even what steps you took to correct anything or to better enhance the skin. Glowing skin is the key to beautiful photo-worthy makeup. Note what lash technique was used. Brides get individuals or a combo of a strip and individuals. 

I prefer you stay the whole time at a wedding when there are multiple artists, even if you finish your services early. You can help your team members, take photos and video, and help do touchups as well. 


  I encourage you to use the photos that you take of your work at our weddings to post on your social media accounts and websites. All photos need to be approved before posting. Please send them to me in a google drive folder so I can keep track of them. Taking 1 photo before is sufficient. You must take multiple photos at multiple angles for the afters.  If you need help with taking quality photos please reach out to me. 


Please always tag @firstblushbeautyaz and the other stylists you work with! 

If you have a problem with a bride or she is just crazy and you don’t want to deal with her, let me know! I will not tolerate overly particular or rude clients and neither should you! We all deal with a level of pickiness but everyone has a limit. Don’t be afraid to say something. And don’t be afraid to come to me with any problems with other artists regarding rude behavior, tardiness, or a nasty kit. 


Thank you so much for joining the First Blush Beauty team!  I am excited to help you grow as an artist and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always here for you :-)

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