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Work with us! 


Each artist is carefully selected to ensure they are able to provide the same quality and level of service and professionalism associated with the First Blush Beauty brand. I have put together some information for you to review to better understand what is expected if you would like to become an assistant or additional artist with First Blush Beauty.

Additional artists are expected to have full makeup kits and/or hair kits of professional and high-end and professional products with little to no drugstore brands. (Yes, Morphe is a drugstore brand.) Your kit must be able to accommodate a full range of skin tones and/or hair textures.

We look for artists who are punctual and have personal responsibility that arrive ready to do their best work. Wedding timelines can change at the last minute so it’s important to be flexible and able to anticipate potential dilemmas. Professional dress, including hair and makeup, is expected. We will be viewed as the authority on beauty, and should look the part!

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