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First Blush Beauty is a company built on the foundation of positivity, personal responsibility, passion, authenticity, and a commitment to serving our clients. 


I have compiled some information for you to review to understand better what is expected of you if you join our team. It is very important that you feel this is the right opportunity & fit for you. It takes a certain type of person to follow our systems, policies and procedures and be a successful First Blush stylist. The payoff is that as a First Blush stylist, you will have a partner in your success. You will have someone who is motivated and committed to booking you weddings and helping you grow and succeed as a stylist and as a person! 


Also, as a First Blush stylist, you get to do what you love without having to worry about the "behind the scenes" responsibilities such as finding and booking brides, marketing, enforcing contracts, answering bride's questions, collecting payments, keeping up with social media, etc. 


When we find the right stylist, it is a wonderful partnership! If our stylists make it past 6 months with our company, they are typically with us for many years! So, please look over the information below to better determine if this type of partnership is the best fit for you at this time. If you have any questions as you go through the information, write them down so we can review them during your interview. 


Team vs. On-Call Stylist- We hire for two positions at First Blush Beauty, "team" stylists and "on-call" stylists. Our "team" stylists are interested in working primarily for First Blush Beauty and are booked on a consistent basis. Our on-call stylists are typically stylists who are fairly busy on their own and are interested in picking up work only if and when we do not have enough "team" stylists to cover a job. 


Stylist Contract- Are you willing to adhere to our policies, procedures and expectations? 


   Availability- We are only interested in hiring stylists for our “team” position who are available on most Saturdays and occasionally to do either Friday or Sunday weddings. If we are interested in hiring you to do brides, you will also need to be available for weekday trial appointments (including at least one weeknight).


 Pay Scale- We pay per service and based on skill level and the variety of looks you can execute.

 Makeup Kit- Do you have a full makeup kit with high end, luxury and professional products (little to no drug store brands with the exception of lip gloss and mascara)?


 You must also be adept at putting on individual lashes or willing to learn. 


Personal Responsibility- We require that anyone who is interested in working with First Blush Beauty is someone who is willing to take personal responsibility. Someone who is committed to being the best stylist (and person) they can be and someone who knows that is not always going to be a "success only" journey.  


Do you have time to commit to "Learning the Ropes"?- We do things a certain way and if you decide to join the First Blush Beauty team, we need to make sure you have the time to go through our in-studio training and study our policies and procedures. 


If you would like to be a part of the team I will send over some more information! I look forward to meeting you! 


With Love and Light

Leah Cayzer


First Blush Beauty


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